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Salida, Colorado. A jewel of a town in the heart of the mountains of Colorado. Perfect altitude and attitude.

Laid back. Healthy. Unpretentious. Great art. Great food. Passionate living. Abundant opportunities to play

in one of the most stunning areas of Colorado.

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We hope this website helps you feel what it would be like to live in Salida. Each of us at Pinon Real Estate Group have worked hard and intently to be the definitive resource for your real estate needs.  We have leveraged our time, experience, and skills to offer you what amounts to a concierge experience in understanding the quality of life here. We hope you follow your vision, change your life. We all want to live a stronger, cleaner, healthier life here in Salida, Colorado. Salida is a lifestyle dream-come-true and Pinon Real Estate Group is the definitive source for finding the Salida, Colorado home, land, commercial property, horse, or farm and ranch property of your dreams in and around Salida, Colorado.

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Address: 201 F Street
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